Book Review: The Corpse on Boomerang Road

If you're looking for a chronological, history text like retelling of Telluride and its difficult labor past then this is not the book you're looking for. The author uses a much more personal style in her retelling of events. A style so personal, with such a defined opinion of the events, that it qualifies more as an editorial than a history in some cases.
This, however makes The Corpse on Boomerang Road quite an entertaining read. The book starts off a little slow and in the middle of events that the reader has no real context to. After the first few chapters however, the book really takes off and is hard to put down. The author does a great job of bringing her subject matter to life through the extensive use of period news paper accounts and her own original research. I admit that the subject matter of this book is somewhat obscure (Telluride's labor history around the turn of the last century) but if you're into Western, Mining or Labor History and are looking for an entertaining book, then this is it.


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