Reconciling God and the Tsunami

As I was driving to work this morning, I caught a segment on NPR where they interviewed representatives of many different faiths and asked them how they were able to reconcile the Tsunami with their faith. As you may expect, the answers ran the gamut from the Baptist "God is punishing the sinners" to the Islamic "It's all part of God's plan, he just hasn't revealed the plan to us" I was disappointed that they did not interview a Geophysicist so that the real cause of the Tsunami (plate tectonics) could be explained. Rational person to Red state idiots, which is more likely, that pressure on one plate caused it to slip past the other or that some omnipotent being pushed the plates apart for (insert human emotion here) reason. People, face the fact that it is unlikely that some omnipotent being cares about (or wants to destroy) you.


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