Time to weigh in on the Ward Churchill debate...

For those of you who may not know, Ward Churchill is an ethnic studies professor at CU boulder who has ignited a fire storm of controversy over his immediate reaction to the 9/11 attacks three and a half years ago. The media is in a total frenzy over this one with the oft repeated tag line "He compared the 9/11 victims to Nazis".
Well, unlike the majority of our hype crazed "journalists", I sat down and read Churchill's paper On the Justice of Roosting Chickens last night. Surprisingly, contrary to the media hype, I was unable to find the line that said that the "9/11 victims are Nazis" In one spot he does compare the technocrats employed at the trade center to Adolf Eichmann, who was incharge of train transport in eastern Europe during WWII, and was later famously captured by the Mossad in Argentina and hanged in Israel for his involvement in organizing the transport for the Holocaust. The point that I believe he is trying to make here is that "evil" policy needs to be implemented by someone and through the act of implementation that person becomes culpable, not that those killed in 9/11 were Nazis.
While I don't agree with everything Churchill says, he does make many very valid points. His essay is much more accurate than the "they hate us because we love freedom" drivel that W spouted and continues to spout after the attacks. I would recommend that each of you read the essay for yourselves if you're interested in this story, don't let the hype peddlers be your sensor...


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