What's that sound you hear...

It's the rush of air generated by all of that spin coming from the Department of the Army. Two weeks ago it was announced that the Army would delay publishing the May recruiting numbers for 10 days. I speculated that this was done so that they could figure out how to spin some disastrously low numbers. Guess what, right again.

CNN has a story out today with the May numbers in it. Here's the the best they could come up with in two weeks; the Army "fell about 25 percent short of its target" Gee, that's not so bad is it... Right until you learn that they revised their target down from 8,050 to 6,700

Let's do a little math. Ok, they sign up 5,025 people and their goal was 8,050 that means that they really fell 38% short of the mark. This administration wouldn't know the truth if it bit it in the ass. Don't expect the public to get excited or even notice though, the lead story on CNN this morning is guess what... another cute, missing white woman!


Delusion 1 Reality 0

Count another win for the delusional religious nuts. They've now managed to have a display about "creationism" (see self aggrandizing delusion) added to the Tulsa Oklohoma Zoo (the only surprise here is that it wasn't Texas). What, may you ask, do religion and a zoo have in common? Let me know when you figure it out. This is yet another step in the attempt to grant religon scientific credentials (e.g. creation science).

I hate to break it to you, but scientific metholodogy requires that something be verified by repition. If it can't be verified or repeated then it is NOT science since, at that point, in order to believe it you must have FAITH in it. I realise I've gotten a bit off target here but, after all, it is my blog and therfore my prerogative. Moral of my story; you can't apply logic to something that is based entirly in faith. If you believe it, fine, but accept that you can't conjure up "facts" to support it.