It's called a science museum for a reason...

If it was devoted to the teaching of hokey fairy tales it'd be called a church. This article in the Post has got me just a tad riled up. It seems that a religious nut is taking kids to the Denver museum of Science and trying to reconcile it to the teachings of the bible.

I've got news for you sparky, you can never reconcile science and religion. One uses logic as its basis and the other uses faith. You can prove things true or false using logic, you can never prove anything using faith.

How would these nuts respond if I took a group of kids to their church and started pointing out all of their logical fallacies during the sermon? Not well I think.

(I don't hate all religions. In fact, here's one I'd consider joining, their heaven sounds great)


One heck of a read

I recently finished Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond and I must say this is the best book I've read all year.
Diamond endeavors to explain why human societies developed the way that they did and what has caused certain societies to be dominant over others. At first glance you may think it impossible to cover a topic so vast in 400 pages but Diamond not only covers it, he does it in a lucid and well supported manner. I can't recommend this book highly enough, when you finish reading it you'll have a much better understanding of the human condition. (I won't steal his thunder and list the determining factors that resulted in European domination but sufficed to say it wasn't "race")


I never thouhght I'd see this picture...

in the US that is. What else can you say...